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Energy Optimiser

Energy Optimiser™
Heat Exchange Unit

The Energy Optimiser is a heat exchanger designed to achieve highly heat recovery efficiency and handle highly contaminated water. The Energy Optimiser uses a series of rotating disks to maximize the heat exchanging surface and prevent build up of deposits from the dirty effluent. The fresh and dirty water is completely separated by stainless steel surfaces.

Equipment Details
Up to 50% energy savings on tunnel operations

  • Achieve up to 50% energy savings on tunnel operations, 20% on total plant energy
  • Self-cleaning, non-fouling design does not require pre-filtration
  • Low resistance to flow
  • Reduces effluent temperature to help meet wastewater regulatory requirements
  • Simple, process-integrated installation
  • Small footprint, no plant infrastructure required
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Rotating disks
  • Fresh water inside disks
  • Waste water outside disks
  • Energy savings
While the Energy Optimiser has a lower heat transfer efficiency than common end-of-pipe heat exchanger systems (such as Plate & Frame or Shell & Tube), it can be located directly at the tunnel where the water is hottest. Thus, recovering 75% of the heat from hotter water at the tunnel saves more energy than recovering 95% of the heat from cooler water further down the pipe, where much of the heat recovery opportunity has already been lost.
Specification Value
Dimensions 1900-3700 long, 735-750 high, 725 mm wide
Flow Capacity Max 300 L for waste and/or clean water flow
Pressure Rating Max pressure of 5³Pa and Minimum of 30³ Pa in waste and/or clean water circuit
Utilities Required 380 Volt, 50 Hz, 0,75-1,5 Kw