Clean Room Laundry Solutions

Ecolab takes textile and linen cleaning to the next level to meet the strict demands of cleanroom environments. As your partner in successfully delivering clean, sanitized and disinfected laundry to your customers, Ecolab offers you a full package of proactive consulting, advanced cleaning technology, optimized operations and water and energy solutions. Contact us today for details on how Ecolab can help you!
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Clean Room Laundry Solutions

Protocol 3000: a specialty detergent formulated for clean room specific soils. Tough on soil, gentle on clean room garments and fabrics

Protocol 1000: a unique combination of water conditioning agents and alkalinity builders meant for soil suspension on gentle clean room garments.

Protocol 4000: a specialty sour used on gentle clean room garments to neutralize pH after residual alkalinity during the wash process to eliminate skin irritation