Nalco ACT™ Condensate Corrosion Inhibitor

Nalco ACT condensate corrosion inhibitor programs are designed to address your unique needs and issues pertaining to steam and steam condensate quality. Because steam can come in direct contact with your process, Nalco ACT was developed using food grade ingredients that effectively assures proper safety for your end product.
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Product Details

REST assured your system will be protected through utilizing Nalco ACT technology.

Reliability of your steam system is critical to production. Nalco ACT technology can ensure smoother operation by providing protection both during operations and during brief system shutdowns. 

Economic operation of your plant improves your bottom line, and our technology will protect your capital investment in the plant steam system. Even in situations where condensate is not typically returned due to high corrosion levels, our technology will reduce corrosion to low levels, allowing condensate return. The result is improved energy efficiency and reduced TCO. 

Safety of your product should never be compromised. Formulated from ingredients commonly used in the food industry, Nalco ACT technology has many safety benefits. It is approved for use in boiler systems where the steam may contact food, under 21 CFR 173.310 - Boiler Water Additives. Because it is non-toxic and contains no volatile organic compounds, Nalco ACT technology enhances both plant and employee safety. 

Technical innovation makes Nalco ACT technology a unique choice for condensate system treatment. It provides protection during brief system shutdowns, as well as during normal operations. Nalco ACT protects against both acid and oxygen corrosion because it forms a barrier on the metal surface. Often it is difficult to feed enough amine to neutralize the acid content in high alkalinity waters without exceeding the FDA limit.

Nalco ACT contains no amines, and does not impart odor or taste to your product. It can often be fed into processes prohibited from using conventional amine treatments. Additionally, Nalco ACT is able to function through the formation of a non-wettable barrier on the metal surface, isolating it from water and contaminants like oxygen, carbonic acid and organic acids that can cause corrosion. Persistence of the barrier provides continued protection in systems that run intermittently and may be shut down overnight or on weekends.