The integrity of our impact hinges on our ability to drive positive, sustainable results across our company. To that end, we deliver on our company’s performance goals and commitments to our customers while protecting the health of the environment and communities in which we operate. Our commitment is evolving and ongoing, driven by the belief that we are Doing Better Together.

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With unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology, we partner with customers to deliver world-class results and optimized operations. Contact us to learn how we can help you.


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Sustainability Goals and performance

We are harnessing the power of our leading-edge technology to gain insights into our operations and ensure sustainable growth. Ecolab has more than 115 manufacturing plants, corporate centers and research facilities and a team of 48,000 associates spanning the globe. In every location, we are in lock-step with our mission to do more with less.


Ecolab's 2020 Sustainability Goals

Ecolab 2020 Goals


2016 Environmental Performance

Environmental Performance

Our 2020 environmental goals reflect our commitment to continuous improvement across our global footprint. With a focus on locations where our risks and impact are most relevant, we remain committed to achieving these targets. In 2016, we advanced enterprise-wide efficiency efforts and initiated several large projects to significantly reduce water and energy use at target manufacturing plants. These programs will deliver savings in 2017 and beyond to help us reach our goals.

“Despite headwinds in 2016 which minimized progress toward our intensity-based environmental goals, we took significant steps to further embed sustainability into our supply chain operations as a central element of our focus on safety, service and savings. We are confident the water and energy savings projects we started in 2016 along with new projects in 2017 will deliver the performance impact required to keep us on track to achieve our 2020 targets.” 

Alex Blanco, chief supply chain officer, Ecolab


Customer Impact Goal
Customer Impact
Sustainable Solutions

We want every customer to fully understand and have confidence in the safety, health and environmental attributes of our products. Our approach is driven by an unparalleled understanding of customer needs, deep expertise in product application and use phase impacts, and a commitment to comply with, and go beyond, industry, government and non-government standards.

Safety Matters
Safety Matters

The safety of our associates, customers and communities is vitally important. From the way we operate, to the products we develop, to how we partner with customers, our goal is zero: zero accidents, zero incidents and zero environmental releases.

Learn more in the Performing section on page 30 of Ecolab’s 2016 Corporate Sustainability Report.