Apex™ TSC Single Rack Dishmachine

First all-solid, low-temp single rack warewashing system. Control costs and environmental impact through optimized efficiency. Superior products and technology.

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Dishmachine Information

PRODUCT CODE: Apex™ TSC Single Rack Dishmachine


  • Non-caustic detergent is safe to touch.
  • Concentrated solid formulations eliminate the need to handle 50-lb buckets of liquid product.
  • EPA-registered unit dose sanitizer ensures proper dosage every cycle.


  • Solid products simply “drop in” for maximum convenience.
  • Dispenser lights alert operator when products need to be refilled.
  • Small, light-weight packages are easy to handle, load and store.


  • State-of-the-art control system optimizes your warewashing procedure.
  • Multiple wash cycle types let operator select cycle to match load, for efficient one-pass results.


  • Optimal dishmachine design delivers the best results at the lowest total cost.
  • Motor above the drain helps provide uncontaminated water on every rinse.
  • Internal, self-cleaning sump.