EnCompass Modular Cleaning Station - Large Cart

EnCompass™ Modular Cleaning Station

The EnCompass™ Modular Cleaning Station is designed to meet both your needs (available in two sizes), as well as those of infection control. The unique design offers improved efficiency and ergonomics with unique separation between clean and dirty items on the station.
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Equipment Details

  • Access products and supplies easily with color-coded bucket system
  • Reduce risk of cross-contamination with separated dirty/clean compartments
  • Locks provide added security
  • Detachable waste section for ergonomic transport
  • Easy access doors on both sides
  • Ample storage assists in ensuring an orderly station
  • Clean and Professional Appearance
  • Extremely smooth and quiet design
  • Easy to store
  • Professional appearance that patients and visitors expect
Drawers Dimensions:

Available in four heights: Tray, 5.1 inch drawer, 12.2 inch drawer and 7.9 inch mop box
Lids are available for the mop box drawers

Station Dimensions: LxWxH includes bumper: Main module 33.1 in x 20.9 in x 38.6/45.5 in
LxWxH includes bumper: Waste module 18.5 in x 20.9 in x 43.3/44.5 in 

Buckets and Mop Boxes: Four 5-liter buckets, used with microfiber cloths, can be stored on the station
Station mop box and other drawers can be accessed from either side 
Detachable Waste Section:

(Large cart only)


Integrated and covered hygiene plan holder
The two waste lids can be opened separately or clipped together into one single part
Waste sorter can be configured to sort into three different containers
Separates easy to transport trash and soiled textiles
Ergonomic detachment with foot pedal
Doors: Each door is lockable
Door on each side of cart for easy access
Handle: Ergonomic handle provides 3 hand positions, making the station easy to move
Wheels: Wheels equipped with high quality bearing and thread guard
Moves easily on all floor surfaces