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Abednego Environmental Services LLC

Abednego provides a full suite of industry-leading engineering and onsite operational services to manage complex paint processes and industrial water treatment systems in the Automotive and Transportation Industries.


Water and Air Systems

From reverse osmosis and water, boiler and chiller systems, and wastewater treatment systems to the most complex water reuse and recycle projects

Paint Booth Management

We provide Total Paint Booth Management the Automotive industry including: spray booth air and water balance, filtration and energy management and paint sludge detackification systems.

Paint Technical Services 

Our expert technicians tender pretreatment systems, manage the paint kitchen, collect key data and run kitting programs.

Engineered solutions & Managed operations

Engineered Solutions
Water Reuse and Recycle Solutions

The combined expertise of Nalco Water and Abednego in water treatment, chemistry, engineering & design capabilities and process knowledge enables us to fulfill the water stewardship goals of our customers. Nalco Water was the first company to successfully implement reuse and recycle projects in Automotive Assembly plants in North America.  

water, people, nalco water
Managed Operations
Total Paint Booth Management
With end-to-end paint process expertise, Abednego, enables customers to maximize First Time Quality in a paint shop at optimum cost by providing full-service spray booth and environmental systems management. 
Automotive Manufacturing Solutions

Learn more about our comprehensive solutions for automotive manufacturing sites.