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Ecolab provides sanitation programs for the unique composition of the pigments, emulsions, waxes and gels used in the cosmetics and personal care industries.  Our cleaners, sanitizers and boosters are designed for the removal of these ingredients, especially the most difficult to clean soils.

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Please speak to your Ecolab account manager for further information, email us or call 800-659-3764.

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understanding the four factors of clean

At Ecolab, we recognize that choosing the correct cleaning product is only one piece of the cleaning procedure. Understanding and optimizing the complete cleaning process is critical to ensuring an effective and consistent cleaning and sanitation program.

Any process requires a combination of the 4 factors of clean - Time, Temperature, Chemistry and Mechanical Action. Each cleaning procedure will utilize some combination of all 4 factors, although the amount of each factor may vary for each process.

technical services

From laboratory sample testing to site surveys, you can count on Ecolab’s technical expertise to drive comprehensive operational support and compliance.  At the same time, we help you maximize productivity and product quality, while driving compliance and sustainability.

Equipment Engineering Systems of many looking at equipment
equipment & Engineering services

As the company that invented Clean-In-Place (CIP) technology over 50 years ago, our experienced, full-service team has the knowledge, technology and industry expertise to deliver systems designed to help reduce overall operational costs and enhance food safety programs.

world-class service

Experience the Ecolab difference.  As your trusted partner, we provide a unique combination of world-class service, total impact solutions and unsurpassed industry expertise around the world, locally delivered.  We help you feel safe and secure that your business is not at risk.

Our Solutions

CIP, COP and Manual Cleaning and Disinfection Solutions

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Environmental and Specialty Cleaning Solutions

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Hand Hygiene Solutions

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Pest Management Solutions

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